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iTxRe has over 50+ years of Tax & Financial Experience

We strive to meet each client's specific needs by planning for the future and achieving financial goals. We do this by creating a proactive approach to managing tax liability. It all starts with a strategy of modeling, planning, and consulting. In this approach, we create a plan specific to each client. This plan aims to reduce and mitigate the most significant expense for high-net-worth individuals and business owners. That expense is Income Tax.

Our mission is to enable our clients to reach financial goals by providing high-value services. We communicate and plan with our clients to navigate the tax and financial worlds. We are dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism.

We gauge our work by the personal and business success of our clients.

  • We can help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability & growth.
  • We can assist in developing solutions that are practical and technically sound.
  • In addition to acting as a sounding board for management, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business.

Are you curious about what our name, iTxRe, means? It is an acronym for Income Tax Return.

We like to keep things short, sweet, and simple!


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